Welcome to the Laboratory for Language, Learning, and the Brain at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Our research concerns language and the brain, language learning across the lifespan, speech perception, music perception, and language and communication disorders.

Please visit our publication page for more information about our work.

Prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in joining our research group should contact Patrick Wong (p.wong@cuhk.edu.hk). Postgraduate research students (PhD) should include a CV and discuss their specific research interests.

We are accepting PhD students for the coming year.  Please visit "Join Us".

Research Supported By:


Our research is supported by grants from the Research Grants Council (HKSAR) (C4024-21G, C4055-19G) and the National Institutes of Health (USA) (R01DC019387).  Additional support comes from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, Health Medical Research Fund (HKSAR), Innovation and Technology Fund (HKSAR) and private donations.