Media coverage

Our research has been featured in many popular press publications in Hong Kong, the U.S and around the world:

Brain Anatomy and Language Learning

The New York Times (2014) The New York Times (2007)
United Press International The London Times
International Herald Tribune AARP magazine

Music and Language

PRI’s The World (19 July 2012)
PRI’s The World (18 July 2012)
The New York Times
Web MD

Genetics and Language Typology

Scientific American (2020) Forbes (2020)
The Wall Street Journal Scientific American (2007)
The Economist Science

Cochlear Implant

Stanley Ho Developmental Cohort Study

Official CUHK Press Releases

Official Northwestern University Press Releases

Other Media Coverage

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  • NPR (WBEZ, Chicago)
  • NPR (WNYC, New York City)
  • NPR (Sound Medicine)
  • AM800 CKLW
  • KCBS (San Francisco)
  • WGN-TV (Chicago)
  • WNCN-TV (Raleigh)
  • KTTC-TV (Rochester)
  • KMIR-TV (Palm Springs)
  • WNYT-TV (Albany)
  • WMGM-TV (Philadelphia)
  • WXII-TV (Greensboro)
  • WJAC-TV (Johnstown)
  • WPTZ-TV (Burlington)
  • WVTM-TV (Birmingham)
  • CHEK-TV (Vancouver)
  • KUSA-TV (Denver)
  • WGAL-TV (Harrisburg)
  • WVIR-TV (Charlottesville)
  • KSDK-TV (St. Louis)
  • KWWL-TV (Cedar Rapids)
  • KVOA-TV (Tuscon)
  • WMTV-TV (Madison)


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